Bethel Church, Sarnia Canada

November 19, 2014 | Bethel Pentecostal Church

Join Bethel Pentecostal Church, Pastor Tim Gibbs, Evangelist Nathan Morris, and Worship Leaders Lindell Cooley and Lydia Stanley Marrow for this 5 day Worship and Revival Event.

Wednesday, November 19 @ 7PM

Thursday, November 20 @ 7PM

Friday, November 21 @ 7PM

Saturday, November 22 @ 7PM

Sunday, November 23 @ 7PM

For more information please visit:

Good Shepherd AOG- Evansville, Indiana

December 5-7th | Good Shepherd Assembly of God

Join Pastor Jeffrey Keenan, Pastor Darrell Rice, Evangelist Nathan Morris, and Worship Leader Lydia Marrow for this 3 day event in Evansville, Indiana.

Friday, December 5 @ 7PM

Saturday, December 6 @ 7PM

Sunday, December 7 @ 10AM

Services are open to the public and there is no registration.

For more information visit:

New Life Church- Bowling Green, KY

December 12-13th | New Life Church- Bowling Green, KY

Please join Pastor Tom Schaefer, Evangelist Nathan Morris, and Lydia Marrow for this two-day event.

Friday, December 12th at 7PM

Saturday, December 13th at 7PM

There is no registration required to attend these services.